iDeals Virtual Data Room Review

Effective implementation of clerical tasks requires the use of powerful specialized database management systems. Here is more about Virtual Data Room in business document management.

Systems of automation of business processes

Server technologies have become the basis of the operation of almost all systems of office automation and document management. They allow you to simultaneously create, analyze, redistribute information, perform its rapid review and search. The most suitable for document automation is a client-server system. The client part of this system allows users to receive, edit, create and share new information with the help of appropriate applications.

The server part of the system is designed for long-term storage of information (file server), creation and replenishment of databases of a particular institution (database server), access to external information resources (Internet access server), connection to external networks (modems, routers, etc.) to the addressee.

It should be noted that the information technologies in the client-server system use the Internet/ Intranet system, where the Intranet is an internal corporate network of an institution that operates according to Internet standards. An example of such software is Virtual Data Room. Data transmission channels should ensure the creation of common information space in the institution. This allows for realized connections between users from anywhere in the corporate network or with remote users in the system of office work and document circulation via the Internet.

Software systems for automation of office processes propose to position the following list:

  • specialized systems of office automation;
  • document automation systems that provide an arbitrary exchange of documents and information;
  • workflow management systems that allow you to automate complex multi-step algorithms for working with documents;
  • systems of collective processing of documents with an orientation on automation of work of small collective and support of joint use of information by a group of users;
  • electronic arrays of documents intended for storage of documents in electronic form and their search.

iDeals Data Room for document management and secure storage

Virtual Data Room (VDR) is the automated system of optimization of document flows in the interests of effective management of business processes of the enterprise (organization).

The electronic document management system in the Data Room consists of three parts:

  • document management systems;
  • systems of mass input of paper documents;
  • systems of automation of business processes.

iDeals is a leader in the marketplace, that is used in different spheres. In addition to built-in operations for working with mail, personal and group calendar, blanks for discussion forums, this platform provides opportunities to create specialized databases in which documents have a customized appearance, which allows you to optimally translate traditional paperwork into electronic.

When working collectively with documents in iDeals Data Room, each employee is assigned a password and access right so that the document remains inaccessible to those of interest. Access rights are also shared. Some can perform complete editing and destruction of the document, others – just view. Access to individual fields of the document may be allowed. In this case, all user actions are recorded in the protocol so that the system administrator can analyze the situation and take appropriate action.

The second part of iDeals electronic document management is a system of mass input of paper documents. This system is designed for mass input of archive documents and to translate them into electronic form. At the same time operations of scanning, cleaning of the image, preparation for recognition of the document are carried out.

The third part of electronic document management is the business process automation system. It is designed to service the activities of each employee working with electronic document management.